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Bug's Be Gone: Bug Potion Review

Bug Potion

It’s the beginning of summer, and you know what that means? BUGS! Dealing with pesky bugs while you’re out camping, hiking, or doing whatever else you do during the summer is no fun and can become a hindrance. We’ve got a solution to not only soothe your muscle pain but to also keep away those pesky, annoying bugs.

Dr. Doug’s Bug Potion is our Original Miracle Balm with the added benefit of Lemongrass Essential Oil. Lemongrass essential oil has been used to relieve muscle pain, kill bacteria, and ward off insects. The 100% organic ingredients provide a soothing moisture barrier in addition to calming the fires of cuts, cracks, and insect bites. Some benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil include: anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant properties, acts as a pain reliever, helps relieve stress and anxiety, and can help relieve headaches & migraines. Ingredients featured in Dr. Doug’s Bug Potion include: Organic Beeswax, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil, Organic Lavender Oil & Organic Lemongrass Oil. ​Each of these ingredients offer unique benefits to the overall effectiveness of the Bug Potion.

Dr. Doug’s Bug Potion also acts as a sunscreen. Many current sunscreens contain a harmful substance called DEET. At Dr. Doug's we strive to keep ALL our products certified organic and all-natural. That's why we use lemongrass essential oil as a natural bug repellant. Some harmful side effects of DEET include:

  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Seizures and brain malfunction
  • Damage to central nervous system

  • Some studies even link DEET to cancer

  • Toxic for pets & environment

By using Dr. Doug’s Bug Potion, you never have to worry about these harmful side effects. In addition to Dr. Doug’s Bug Potion, we also have Bug Potion + Clear Zinc. Bug Potion + Clear Zinc​ accomplishes the same thing as the Bug Potion does but the addition of Clear Zinc helps with sun protection.

How do you apply Dr. Doug’s Bug Potion, you may ask? For optimal use, rub evenly on your skin. A little goes a long way, so it should not feel sticky! Our Bug Potions are also water-resistant. You can reapply as needed.

No matter your outdoor adventures this summer, Dr. Doug’s Bug Potion & Bug Potion + Clear Zinc will help keep those pesky, annoying bugs off of you while offering sun protection and relieving your sore muscles. Check out ​Dr. Doug’s Bug Potion & Bug Potion + Clear Zinc​ today! ​Don’t forget to ​#TakeUsWithYou​ on your summer adventures!

If you’ve used Dr. Doug’s Bug Potion we’d love to hear your feedback!

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