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Happy New Year from Dr. Doug’s!

And a wholehearted, big hug thanks to all of ours testers, buyers, and lurkers.  Your feedback has improved our product this year and after some Stephen J. Gould quality ‘punk eke’, we have started to settle into solid product line


I have a question?  What’s your use?  Realistically, it could be multiple questions in one phrase:  First, what do you do?  What are you proud of?  How do you affect the world?  What is the most positive thing you do in a day?  And next, because this is a Dr. Doug’s epistle, how do you use our product?  How does it improve your life?  What would you like from us?


Thanks to you, we have evolved from a hotel room, night before a trail race, mad-scientist concoction into a commercial line treating body parts from baby bottoms to my Mom’s sunspots.  All this, while making no claims and setting no goals higher than showing up to work Monday with nonpainful feet. 


Among our favorite moments at Dr. Doug’s is “Hey Doug, I found a new use for your balm…”  Throughout this process, you the user have been our inspiration.  You took the best of your life, and influenced us to improve and develop our product.  Heck.  It was just blister balm for Darrin Ingram’s Catamount races a year ago May.  My Irish brother Quentin tried it and liked it.  Then I used my personal stash on a few others I rucked with.  (You can only move as fast as your slowest mover in the Catamount Expeditions.)  I made a batch for Xiphos down in Huntsville.  Then a dermatologist friend wanted an alternative to her titanium sunscreen.  I used it last January at an epic event put on by the Endurance Society called Extremus.  Blister and sunburn free.  Cold weather tested and perfected over 40+ frozen Vermont Mountain Miles.  Then someone wanted charcoal soap.  Warrior Queen Carensa used Dr. Doug’s, first at Midwest Catamount and then tried it on her 6 month old.  You should see her do double unders in a cold, driving rain.   You have been the crucible for Dr. Doug’s feedback.  My office member Destony loved it so much she let her brother steal hers.  (That is fraternal love!).  Many chapters in the story that was 2016.  Will you help us write 2017?


Let us know:  #whatsyouruse


What do you do?  How do you use it?  How would you improve it?  The rules are easy:


1.  Post it on our page

2.  #whatsyouruse

3.  #DrDougsBalms

4.  And hashtag your personal ethos if you so desire.

5.  Make it sincere, funny, critical, complimentary.  Make it you.  


The boss and I will randomly pick one, with the winner getting a $55 credit for products.  That’s the price of our gift crate, or you can spread it around.


2017 will have its challenges.  The game is worth the candle.  RUCK ON.


~Dr. Doug

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