Labor Day: Working With Your Hands

Labor Day is known more for than just a day to grill out with friends and family. It has marked the ending of summer as well. But this extended weekend leads many Americans to go travel and celebrate this symbolic day. No one deserves a break more than you do. Celebrate this Labor Day with BBQs and bid a farewell to summer, but also remember that Labor Day is about celebrating the economic and social contributions of workers, hard workers like you.

We want to thank all of you for your hard work and contribution to our society. Take today to rest, recover, and recharge with Dr. Doug’s. Autoworkers, carpenters, landscapers, doctors, nurses, welders, mechanics, massage therapists, chefs, and so many more-- you all work with your hands. How do you take care of them? Your hands are your tools and you should take care of them at all costs. How can Dr. Doug’s help?

To rescue and restore your hands, Dr. Doug’s Original Miracle Balm can calm the fire of cuts, cracks, and even insect bites. Our Original Miracle Balm is fortified with essential oils for anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and counter-irritant effects and our all-natural ingredients provide a soothing moisture barrier. Here are some of the many uses for Original Miracle Balm:

  • Everyday skin moisture
  • Athletes: protects your nails, hands, and soles of hand & feet; prevents chaffing
  • Soothes itchy skin
  • Soothes and heals injuries
  • Heals cuts, cracked heals, calloused hands, and elbows
  • Eczema relief

  • Blister prevention

  • Cuticle moisture

This product is for everyone- fitness enthusiasts, frequent hand washers, hand laborers. This product is perfect for both gloved hands and daily boot wearers due to the non-greasy, no-residue finish when applied.
Here’s some tips on taking care of your hands:
  • Wash your hands with a moisturizing hand soap- like Dr. Doug's charcoal soap!
  • Using an antibacterial hand soap can dry out your skin so make sure that the hand soap you use is moisturizing.
  • Clean under your nails with a nail brush

  • Keep your nails trim and well-shaped

  • Exfoliate your hands weekly

  • Apply Dr. Doug’s Original Miracle Balm to callouses or cuts to heal and restore

Remember to always take care of yourself. Happy Labor Day weekend!


Have you had a great experience using our Original Miracle Balm? We’d love to hear from you! If you would like to learn more about our Original Miracle Balm, check out our blog post “A No-Matter What Problem, “Go to Balm”: The Original Miracle Balm. 

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