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Time traveling with Dr. Doug. Off-grid Friday. Internet storefront Monday.

So most of you noticed that my balm went full throttle today, driven mostly by the inspiration of some amazing athletes at Darrin & Brett’s 2016 Fall Catamount. This is an event with no losers. I poached a meme from Catamount-1 himself, Darrin Ingram.
The organizers pride themselves on ‘building better humans.’ Yet what I have learned is that there is a pay-it-forward quality to these expeditions. You get better. And the people in your life benefit. He could market himself as ‘building better populations.’ It’s not for everyone. Not that you couldn’t. you can. You all could. You’re just not there yet. But the day you show up, you will meet like-minded people hungry for competition. Not the grind-your-buddy’s-spine kind. You may start as an individual, but you finish as a team. Not the kind in an air-conditioned gym with water fountains and freshly laundered towels. No TV playing the noxious fumes from the embers of the dying fire that was once American TV. No pre- and post-processed, migraine inducing over-amplified noise to occupy you in between passes, pitches, or during time outs. You get a date, a time, and a gear list. Just show up. The rest is more like life. You don’t get to read the menu. The only sound you will hear is the sound of nature, a train every so often, and at night my moans because my legs have become cement. Organizers found a way to develop events within the event. It is my belief that each participant finished first in at least one of the emphasized movements. A first timer won the swim by about 2 minutes faster than the pack fighting for second place. Another who struggled with the ruck won the strong man competition. Yet another won first place for the bench. And yours truly won (for the men) an overhead hold. I admit it. I got beat by Alex in the waning seconds. So close. Sure, a few got more than one, but damn its fun to go toe to toe with athletes you respect and toed the line with you at 5:30 am the Friday prior. When they win, they know you were part of it. You don’t feel vanquished, or defeated. I won’t speak for my fellow Catamounts, but for me, I won because we all made it. No one dropped, and (of this I have no proof) we exceeded the Coach’s timelines and expectations.
Gonna keep it short #trailfamily. Miss you all. Miss the mountains.
Thanks to Darrin, Brett, Quentin, & Isaac for a great event. Sweat, love, & happiness.

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