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  • 10 Amazing Benefits of Magnesium

    Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body, and its deficiency can lead to a myriad of health ailments. To begin with, it is ...
  • Keeping Your Cool Going Back to School

    We all know about the huge Back to School Rush and how stressful it can be. So here are 6 helpful tips to get you started on the right track and prepare for the school year!
  • 5 Ways Lemongrass Oil Beats DEET

    Lemongrass essential oil has been used to relieve muscle pain, kill bacteria, and ward off insects. The 100% organic ingredients provide a soothing moisture barrier in addition to calming the fires of cuts, cracks, and insect bites.
  • Secrets to Happy Skin for Winter Athletes

    When the cold weather strikes, we’re flooded with information about driving safely in the snow and keeping our houses warm, but one topic that tend...
  • Best Ingredients for Fighting Eczema

    Dealing with itchy skin can be a nightmare, whether you have constant dry skin or full-fledged eczema. It often seems like the harder you try to av...
  • Keeping Skincare Fresh

    When it comes to skincare products, you’ve probably figured out that natural is the way to go. Our skin is our body’s biggest organ and everything ...
  • Beat the Virus with Anti-Microbial Essential Oils

    Did you know some essential oils can help us to protect and heal our skin and possibly prevent passing a virus like Covid-19 along to others?  Learn how these natural and organic oils can help.  Just what your hands need right now!
  • Best Skincare Products in a Market Full of Toxins

    Quick Read on how to choose good skincare that works.  Learn the top 6 dangerous skincare ingredients & the top 6 safe and effective skincare ingredients.  You'll be happy to know Dr. Doug's only uses the best safe & effective ingredients!  #family #non-toxic 

  • Coconut Oil: Worth the Hype?

    Did you know that coconut oil, a do-it all natural oil, can also be used to boost your beauty routine? Overall, coconut oil is a great, natural alt...
  • Arnica: Nature's Painkiller

    Learn about Arnica and its origins, how its used in today's society, and how it helps heal your body.
  • Psoriasis: What is it & How Can We Help?

    August is Psoriasis Awareness Month! If you don’t know what Psoriasis, it’s this: a chronic skin condition caused by an overactive immune system. S...
  • 10 Healthy Snacks for You and Your Kids

    It’s important to stay fueled with healthy energy. Be sure to have you and your kids fully-nourished with some of these tasty and healthy snack ide...