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Magnesium Balm

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Dr. Doug’s Magnesium Balm goes on smoothly for more effective magnesium absorption than oral supplements. Avoid the burning and stinging from spray products with our soothing, easy to apply balm.

  • Provides pain relief for migraines, neuropathy, fibromyalgia and more
  • Helps with restless legs, muscle cramps and sore muscles
  • Improves skin elasticity and reduces stretch marks
  • Great for massages


How to Use:

For migraines: apply to temples, neck and forehead avoiding eyes.

For restless leg: gently apply from knees to toes at bedtime.

For stretch marks or improving skin elasticity, apply to the affected area daily.


Magnesium Balm Ingredients:

Organic Beeswax, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Magnesium Chloride, Organic Peppermint Oil & Lavender Oil.

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The Bomb of Balm's

I was in need of serious help. I had food poisoning & then weakness & migraine& nausea. With all that going on I was having withdrawl symtom's from Clonapazem. I was hurting. So my body was weak from food poisoning. That meant body aches all over. I spoke with a team member . In addition to that I recieved on fb a explanation of what Balm's help with my problems given by Dr.Melanie Kingley . I purchased the stress relief pkg. It came just in time. I just keep putting the Magnesium Balm on my temple's for migraine. I Just kept applying for two day's. For the nausea I kept the charcoal soap up to my nose to smell.The peppermint oil that is in the soap, took care of the problem? Charcoal soap was just a perfect solution to help stomach turning. I love that soap for my face too. My purchase was in this pretty straw like tissue in a black closed bag. It came in a box. So if I wanted to send to someone, I would pleased with the way it was presented to me. Lastley my symptoms were to last weeks. I am certain That I should be 100% by keeping these products by my side. Thank you Dr.Doug & team members! I would highly recommend, for the amazing relaxed feeling I am experiencing. Kimberly Bronisz

Kimberly B.
United States United States

Go-to balm

The magnesium balm is good for aching or tight muscles; cold and tingling feet; or a good cure for rough dry skin. It’s the perfect go-to balm.

Deirdre D.
United States United States
Dr. Doug's Miracle Balms Magnesium Balm Review

In love! From ��

I LOVE it ! I definitely recommend if you live an active lifestyle and what something to help with relaxation. The texture is amazing and a little goes a long way. I use it at night or I put it before stretching. As a bonus it hydrated my skin like nothing else. It’s not sticky and doesn’t smell much, which I prefer. It was quickly delivered, even during the busy Holidays & covid. I had to pay import fees, but that wouldn’t stop me from buying again. Unless they become available somewhere in Canada, which I would really love.

Virginie D.
Canada Canada

Great product, works well

I have used just about every product and they all work great!

United States United States

Sleeping better

It takes away my nerve pain in my upper legs and butt. It calms and relaxes me. I didn’t think I was dreaming anymore but maybe just not remembering them. My first week on the magnesium balm and I remember 2-3 dreams! And No pain:)

Danielle P.
United States United States