FAQs – Dr. Doug's Miracle Balms
Dr. Doug's protects, heals and restores skin and body using the highest quality of Organic and All-Natural ingredients.
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If I sweat and some gets into my eyes, will it sting?

No, our balms do not contain any ingredients that will cause your eyes to sting.


Do the Zinc products make your skin white like normal sunscreens?

No, our balms rub in extremely easily. Just remember, a little goes a long way. 


Can your Zinc products replace my normal sunscreen?

Yes. In fact, our balms create a layer over your skin, protecting it from harmful UV rays.


Can your Bug Potions replace my bug spray?

Yes, our Bug Potions contain Lemongrass essential oil which is widely known as a natural bug repellent. All our products are DEET free as well.


Will your Bug Potions/Zinc products soothe bug bites/sunburns after they have already occurred?

Yes, Bug Potions and Zinc products still have all the soothing effects that the Original Miracle Balm does. 


Can you use Dr. Doug's on pets?

Yes, many have! And if they eat it, it's okay. They'll probably like it. 


Does the Bug Potion actually work?

Yes. Dr. Doug has personally tested this product while deep in the woods. If you don't believe us, check out the reviews here: