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*NEW* New Moms Toolkit

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The perfect bundle for new mothers! Magnesium with the relief and prevention of stretch marks, tightening, as well as muscle and nerve pain. 

Introducing Dr. Doug's New Mom Toolkit!  This bundle includes Magnesium Balm – a mineral that is often deficient in modern diets, but essential for the most basic human functions - an at-home jar, and an on-the-go twist of Baby Balm.  All-natural, non-toxic, and the best ingredients for your baby's precious skin.  

“Magnesium has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression and who couldn’t use that,” Dr. Strobel jests. ”Plus, magnesium is also good for expectant and new mothers. It helps manage blood pressure and can alleviate stretch marks. Plus, the ‘New Moms’ toolkit also comes with a baby balm that’s all-natural and safe for your baby’s bum.”


Toolkit Includes:

Magnesium Balm (Large Jar)

Baby Balm (Large Jar)

Baby Balm (Large Twist-Up)

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